Samsung Galaxy A05 : Powerful Performance in the Entry-Level Class

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Samsung Galaxy A05 : Powerful Performance in the Entry-Level Class

Samsung Galaxy A05 - Samsung has made a breakthrough in the mobile phone market with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A05. Despite falling into the category of entry-level phones with an affordable price, the Galaxy A05 delivers impressive performance thanks to the use of the Helio G85 chipset. The Helio G85, which was originally commonly found in phones priced above 2 million rupiahs, is now available in phones at a more affordable price range, even around 1 million rupiahs.

The main advantage of the Helio G85 chipset lies in the presence of performance cores marked by the presence of Cortex A7x. Thus, the Galaxy A05 is not only suitable for everyday activities such as browsing and document editing, but also capable of smoothly running heavier applications and games. This represents a significant added value for consumers in the entry-level class who desire better performance from their phones.

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The Helio G85 is powered by a Mali G52 GPU operating at a frequency of 1 GHz, which is faster than the GPU found in the Helio G70 and G80 chipsets. Moreover, the chipset is also equipped with eight processor cores, including two Cortex A75 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz and six Cortex A55 units clocked at 1.8 GHz. With this configuration, the Galaxy A05 can provide stable and responsive performance in running various applications and games.

Not only that, the Helio G85 also comes with other advanced features such as Voice Wakeup (VoW) for power savings, a main sensor with a resolution of up to 48 MP, and HyperEngine feature designed specifically to enhance the gaming experience. Thus, Galaxy A05 users can enjoy a better overall experience in various aspects, whether it's photography, everyday usage, or gaming.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy A05 is the successor to the Galaxy A04, which used the Helio P35 chipset. With the presence of the Helio G85 in the Galaxy A05, it can be said that Samsung has successfully improved the performance from the previous generation. This makes the Galaxy A05 a more attractive choice for consumers in the entry-level class who desire better performance from their phones.

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Synthetic benchmark tests have shown that the Helio G85 can provide relatively high performance for the entry-level class. In AnTuTu v10, the Galaxy A05 scored 268,859 points, while in Geekbench 6, this phone scored 418 points for single-core and 1372 points for multi-core. However, the actual performance of this chipset may vary depending on the applications or games being run.

However, not all user experiences with the Galaxy A05 go smoothly. Some users have reported stuttering or lag when playing certain games such as Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG New State. Nevertheless, this issue is likely to be addressed with software updates in the future.

As a user of a phone with the Helio G85 chipset myself (realme Narzo 20), I can confirm that the performance offered by this phone is quite satisfying. I can run various applications and games smoothly, including games that require high graphics settings like Mobile Legends. Thus, it can be said that the Galaxy A05 is capable of providing a satisfactory user experience in both everyday usage and gaming.

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In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A05 has successfully brought powerful performance to the entry-level class thanks to the use of the Helio G85 chipset. Although there are some shortcomings such as stuttering when playing certain games, overall, this phone is capable of providing a satisfying user experience. With an affordable price, the Galaxy A05 can be an attractive choice for consumers who want a phone with good performance without having to spend a lot of money.

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Samsung Galaxy A05 : Powerful Performance in the Entry-Level Class