The Emergence of Self-Diagnosis Trend: A Controversial Phenomenon Among Generation Z Regarding Mental Health

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The Emergence of Self-Diagnosis Trend: A Controversial Phenomenon Among Generation Z Regarding Mental Health
The Emergence of Self-Diagnosis Trend: A Controversial Phenomenon Among Generation Z Regarding Mental Health

TNews - The increased discussion surrounding mental health in recent years has become a primary focus across various social media platforms. Content from content creators, influencers, and psychology experts has expanded insights and conversations regarding mental health conditions within Indonesian society, particularly among Generation Z adolescents. With the emergence of this mental health issue, there has been a heightened awareness and concern about mental health, yet a lack of comprehensive education on the matter has led some individuals to self-diagnose. This tendency can significantly impact an individual's social life and their surrounding environment.

Mental health, also known as mental well-being, encompasses a person's psychological, emotional, and spiritual condition. Someone with inner peace while navigating life can be considered to have good mental health. Conversely, disturbances in mental health can lead to difficulty in controlling emotions, affecting interpersonal relationships, impairing cognitive abilities, and even triggering self-harm tendencies.

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In discussing mental health, there are two fundamental aspects. First, mental health is achieved by being free from symptoms of mental illnesses and psychological disorders. Second, mental health is characterized by an individual's active, expansive, and unbounded ability to adapt to themselves and their community. Mustafa Fahmi, in his book "Mental Health in Family, School, and Society," underscores the importance of a balanced and vibrant life in attaining mental well-being.

However, alongside the discourse on mental health, an intriguing phenomenon has surfaced – self-diagnosis. The trend of self-diagnosis regarding mental health has become a hot topic among the younger generation. Self-diagnosis refers to an individual's act of diagnosing their mental health condition based on personal knowledge or information from potentially unreliable sources, such as widely circulated content on the internet. It's essential to note that self-diagnosis is not conducted by professionals in the field, such as psychologists or specialized doctors.

The emergence of this self-diagnosis trend garners collective attention due to the potential impacts it may have. In the context of mental health, self-diagnosis can lead to serious consequences for individuals engaging in this practice. Misidentifying a mental health condition might result in inappropriate treatments, exacerbating the actual underlying condition.

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The primary cause behind the surge in self-diagnosis among Generation Z is largely linked to increased access to information via the internet. The availability of information about mental health symptoms, online tests, and suggested treatments across various platforms serves as a significant driving factor. This circumstance allows individuals to self-identify with symptoms that they may not fully understand.

It's crucial to consider that mental health is a complex realm requiring a careful and comprehensive approach in its diagnosis. Self-diagnosing without adequate guidance and knowledge poses serious risks. Therefore, it's important for individuals experiencing concerning symptoms to seek consultation from professionals trained in mental health.

Deeper education on mental health, raising awareness about the risks of self-diagnosis, and emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help can serve as initial steps in addressing this self-diagnosis phenomenon. Supporting efforts to disseminate credible information and adopting a holistic approach to mental health across various platforms are also key to assisting Generation Z in better understanding and managing their mental health.

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In endeavors to ensure optimal mental health, it's crucial to remember that the best diagnosis and treatments can be provided by experts with a profound understanding of mental health. Awareness and appropriate education within society can serve as a crucial foundation for efforts to maintain Generation Z's mental health, enabling them to manage their mental well-being effectively without unnecessary risks.

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The Emergence of Self-Diagnosis Trend: A Controversial Phenomenon Among Generation Z Regarding Mental Health