Google's Latest Innovation: AI-Generated Images in Search

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Google's Latest Innovation: AI-Generated Images in Search

Google's Latest Innovation: AI-Generated Images in Search

TNews - In its relentless pursuit of enhancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search, Google has introduced a groundbreaking feature to its Search Generative Experience (SGE) called "generative image." This new addition allows users to create AI-based images right within the Google Search bar by entering prompts or text commands that describe the desired image.

The process is as simple as using a chatbot like ChatGPT or Google Bard AI. Google will then generate images based on the entered prompts. This innovative feature was demonstrated through a GIF on the company's official blog. In the demonstration, Google entered the prompt "a capybara wearing a chef's hat while cooking breakfast" into the search bar. Subsequently, generative AI generated multiple images in response to the text command. Users can select one of these images and further customize the AI-generated image.

To make adjustments, users can click on the "Edit" button next to the image, and a text box will appear. Users can modify the descriptive text in this box, and once satisfied, they can click "Create Images." The AI-generated image will then adapt to the most recent description provided, which could be a revised or improved version. Users have the option to export or copy the generated images. Notably, this feature is not exclusive to Google Search but is also available in Google Images.

While this ability is indeed impressive, it is not entirely groundbreaking, as Microsoft had previously introduced a similar feature in Bing Chat using the DALL-E language model developed by OpenAI in March. However, Google is utilizing distinct technology for this purpose. A spokesperson for Google stated that this capability is made possible through the support of the Imagen family of AI models.

Google's Latest Innovation: AI-Generated Images in Search

Imagen is a text-to-image model renowned for its high photorealism, deep language representation, ability to generate detailed images, and increased resolution. It's important to note that the generative image feature is currently accessible on a limited basis. Only individuals registered in the Google Search Labs program have the privilege to access it. Google Search Labs is a program designed to allow users to experiment with early-stage Google Search features and provide feedback.

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These experiments often involve AI-powered features. For those interested in becoming beta users for Google, they can sign up following the terms and conditions by clicking the provided link. Despite the feature's limited availability, Hema Budaraju, the Senior Director of Product for Search Generative at Google, assures that AI-generated images will be treated responsibly. Images generated using this feature will not violate policies prohibiting the use of generative AI.

Each AI-generated image produced within SGE will be embedded with metadata labels and watermarks. These labels and watermarks are intended to indicate that the image is the result of AI creation, rather than being the work of a human artist. Moreover, Google will not allow users to generate photorealistic images that depict the faces of famous individuals or any content that may refer to well-known figures. A spokesperson for Google mentioned, "SGE will have embedded metadata labels and watermarks to signify that (the image) was created by AI. During its initial stages, Google will not permit you to create images depicting photorealistic faces or any references to famous individuals."

It is also noteworthy that Google has established age-based restrictions on this feature. Only users aged 18 and older are permitted to create images using AI. This means that teenagers and younger children will not have access to this capability.

Google's foray into AI-generated images is a significant step toward merging artificial intelligence with everyday internet use. While the technology is still in its early stages and limited to select users, it offers a glimpse into the future of search capabilities, allowing users to not just search for images but to create them using AI. As technology continues to evolve, Google's innovative approach to search promises to bring exciting developments to the digital landscape.

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Google's Latest Innovation: AI-Generated Images in Search